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Behavior psychology – connection of humans

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Behavior psychology – connection of humans

Results of studies behavior psychology on these must be objective. Behavoir is an action, activity, or manner which can be observed and measured. Often, these actions, activities, and procedures are initiated in response to stimuli which are either inner or external.Behavior psychology is dealt with by psychologists, psychiatrists, social educators and numerous other experts dealing with human behaviour.

In addition, a number of other academic and commercial researchers are trying to understand how people act, make decisions, plan and remember how they might influence their behavior.

People are constantly trying to fulfill and satisfy their physical needs and mental desires within a complex and changing environment. They interact with the environment all the time, and their brain structures have evolved to support complex cognitive processes geared towards performing a particular behavior.

Behavior is an individual’s response to internal and external stimuli. Scientific research more precisely states that human behavior is a complex action of three main components – actions, cognitions and emotions.

Behavior psychology – connection of humans

Actions can be described as an action that can be observed. Cognitions are described as verbal or nonverbal thoughts and mental images that take place in our brains. Emotions are a relatively short conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a feeling that is not the result of reasoning or knowledge.

Actions, cognitions and emotions are interconnected and cannot take place independently of each other. Their correct interaction allows for an accurate perception of the world around them. Also, listening to inner desires and adequately responding to stimuli that we receive from the environment on a daily basis.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is the cause and what is the consequence of a particular human behavior. We do not know whether an emotion prompted us to take action, or whether an action or cognition provoked an emotion.

In some cases, however, it is possible to determine the cause and effect. For example, behavior psychology , because you are sad (emotion) and thinking about issues of interpersonal relationships (cognition), you decide to walk around the city to clear your thoughts and cool your head (action).

People choose to act to achieve their goals. We want to make our wishes come true. Also, experience positive emotional states. Although we cannot directly observe cognitions and emotions, they can certainly be observed as a consequence of a particular action.

Every day we encounter new information that integrates into the already existing cognitive way of thinking. This allows them to easily adapt and adapt to specific situations. Also, predict how our actions will affect some events.

Even abstract cognitions (e.g. imagination) are based on the physical aspect. The reason is imagining the movement of the body activating the same areas in the brain that are involved when the movements are performed.


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