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“A Confederacy of dunces” by John Kennedy Poole

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"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Poole

“A Confederacy of dunces”

This story is about Ignatius Riley. He’s a chubby man with a fun hat. Various things happen in the story, including a parrot attack, a rebellion to blind a loved one, and numerous accidents.

As you can see from the title, the novel is best for top English language students. “Dunces” alludes to misfortune, and “Confederacy” means an association or union of individuals who agree to cooperate.

The funniest quote:

“I merge with my friends or with anyone. Also, since I don’t have friends, I don’t mix with anyone.”

John Kennedy Toole (December 17, 1937 – March 26, 1969) was an American novelist from New Orleans, Louisiana. The posthumously published novel “A Confederacy of dunces” won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. He also wrote the Neon Bible. Various people in the literary world considered his literary talent commendable. However, Poole novels were rejected during his lifetime. Because of these failures, he suffered from depression and paranoia. He killed himself at the age of 31.

Tulle was once born into a middle-class family in New Orleans. His mother Telma taught him to appreciate culture. With his mother’s encouragement, Poole became an actor at the age of 10. He acted, and was a comedian. At the age of 16, he wrote his first novel, The Neon Bible. The novel was later dismissed as “teenage”.

"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Poole

“A Confederacy of dunces” by John F. Kennedy Poole

Meet an intellectual who is not interested in love and employment. He is a noble crusader in the war with the American dream. He seems like an ordinary citizen of New Orleans. The corpulent 30-year-old lives with his mother. An unpleasant surprise awaits him from his mother: he has to find a job. He uses his new job to continue his mission against modernity, work, ignorance and vice. He is now armed with a pirate hat and a hot dog cart!

“A masterpiece, a comedy of epic proportions, a thunderous avalanche of books. Washington Post

“No matter how hilarious, “A Confederacy of dunces”  is a serious, important act. Los Angeles Herald Ekaminer

“One of the funniest books ever written. You will laugh to tears. “New Republic


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